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Minor incident

Apologies for the delay in sorting the ads problem out a few weeks ago guys, some nerd decided to mess with our files.

The incident unfortunately involved an unused admin account being compromised, which led to the culprit first sneakily putting adverts of his own on our homepage, and also sending out a few pms to our members, advertising his site.  He also began showing off his “hacking skills”, the 1337 h4xor that he is, by posting his fugly face on our homepage.  That same fugly face can be seen here.  I’m sorry some of you had to see that.  I’m sure that acne scarring combined with his hacking skills really turns the ladies on.

Also, we should thank him for being courteous enough to not only leave a photo of himself, but an IP address and an ISP leading to a certain University.  Hope you’re career dreams weren’t too big, kind Sir.  *Reported*.

6 Responses to “Minor incident”

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  2. blood says:

    So much win!

  3. Kresnik says:

    Lmao @ the picture

  4. angelus96 says:


  5. jecnaruto says:

    FUGLY FACE? …. hmm indeed

  6. Miziru says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. He’s too concerned with viruses on computers to sort out the virus on his face. Oh dear.

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