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Naruto Chapter 555: Contradiction

Naruto Shippuden chapter 555: Contradiction

I would first like to start this review off with an apology, mainly because I’ve been lazy and haven’t done a review in a while but all shall be back to normal from now on and I plan to make it up to you guy’s by doing one every week.

Now on with the review. As we are left from the last week chapter we can see the raw power behind the third Raikage. Watching what he has done throughout the past chapter’s its needless to say he is one tough cookie, and his Jigokuzuki: Yonhon Nukite (Hell Stab: Four–Finger Crossbeam Hand) is nothing to be laughed at with it breaking Doton: Banri Doryūheki (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall of Ten Thousand Ri) combined with Yōton: Gomuheki (Lava Release: Rubber Wall) relatively easy while using but only 4 and 3 finger’s, taking note that the less finger’s he use’s the stronger the jutsu actually become’s, scary. With Naruto’s strongest jutsu actually failing to defeat him, you will ask yourself “what trick will Kishimoto pull from his arse this time?” well Naruto has the outrageous idea of using the tailed beast bomb in a form of the rasengan. Obviously he fail’s to complete the tailed bomb rasengan and it blows up in his face forcing him out of his nine-tails chakra cloak because he never completed it. Everything is failing and it looks like Naruto will lose.

Rest assured Kishimoto wouldn’t do that to us if he was going to do that Naruto would of died a long time ago…by Sasuke. Naruto ask’s Dodai to allow him communications with B and Haichi through Inoichi’s telepathic jutsu. Cutting into the page we see Bee standing around taking a piss….oh Kishimoto you have such mature humour. Naruto begins to converse with the eight tails about his fight with the third Raikage. The eight tails tells him the basic’s of the battle, noting that the third is very strong (something we didn’t know) and that his Hell stab: Four-finger Nukite is extremely dangerous, ending the conversation on saying that both collapsed with their jutsu still active.

So now we see the little light bulb above Naruto’s head dinging in delight of a idea. Naruto stages himself into sage mode and prepares a normal rasengan. As he dashes towards the third you begin to wonder what is he thinking? A normal rasengan wouldn’t be strong enough. Dodging the third’s Nukite with one finger he strikes the scar on the right side of the chest, breaking through his body and allowing the sealing team to finish off the technique. We are then told that the third’s so called “strongest shield” was penetrated by his own jutsu back when he fought the eight tail’s. coming to a close of the chapter we see Gaara in his struggle to fight the Mizukage leaving the words of the Mizukage “is that all?” thus ending the chapter.

Basic overview of this chapter; average. Not to much went on for my personal liking, although the interest of the Raikage and his strength kept me reading.

One thing to notice is how this is being based around Naruto, some people might argue “but this war is for the safety of Naruto and Bee” etc. In which I say, what I meant is that Kishimoto is basing the war AROUND Naruto, for example him finding the fake shin obi, him fighting Pein and Itachi, him fighting off the Raikage, him going to fight Madara (we all know this) etc. So all to say Kishimoto get your finger form your nose and give someone else the limelight for a little while.


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