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Naruto Chapter 600! How Did Obito Survive?!

Another week of agony over, another week of agony begins!  This weeks cliffhanger (or lack thereof) is not nearly as big as the previous two weeks so I think we should be able to cope.  We’ve been following this manga for years, conditioned and hardened by being struck with brutal cliffhangers week by week – I think we could take anything at this point.

Last week, we speculated over how the hell Obito could have survived the ill fated incident during the Third Shinobi War.  Some say he was blessed with a thick skull – who knows?  At this point, we don’t really know for sure if it is Obito but it seems pretty certain, with Kakashi confirming that it is indeed him.  However, there are any number of forbidden Jutsu’ we may or may not know about that could let someone impersonate Obito, or even resurrect him.

… “Is he really Obito?”

… “You can call me that name if you want, although it means nothing to me.”

Cold, so cold.  They haven’t seen you in a decade, and this is how you greet Kakashi and Gai?

Kakashi puts forward the question, “why?” Why what, exactly?  Why…did he disappear and suddenly come back?  Why…did he turn to the dark side?  Obito’s resoning is because Kakashi let Rin die. We still don’t know how or when Rin’s death occurred, but some suggest it happened towards the end of the Third Shinobi War.  Well, Obito, I have to hand it to you, that’s an excellent reason to become hell bent on destroying the planet.  What’s wrong with these Uchiha’s?


Obito blames Kakashi for Rin’s death, Naruto Manga Chapter 600!

As a side note, Obito’s return offers a possible explanation as to how Kakashi awoke the Mangekyou Sharingan.  If Obito awoke it first, it’s possible that since the eye’s were both connected, this also awoke Kakashi’s.

On the last page of this weeks chapter, shit gets real.  Who makes an appearance? No less than Madara Uchiha himself, who seems all too familiar with Obito – another barrel of questions await answering.

Next week: Might Gai, Copy Ninja Kakashi, Sage Mode/Nine Tails/Six Paths/Yellow Flash Naruto (or “ridiculously powered up Naruto”)  versus  Obito and Madara Uchiha.


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4 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 600! How Did Obito Survive?!”

  1. Pass~ says:

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Gai and Kakashi have basically been rendered useless, up to Naruto to save the day again.

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  3. Larry Grella says:

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  4. Naz says:

    You guys are awesome. BTW, (SPOILER) Kakashi killed Rin to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan. And later the juubi revives and kills Neji hahah sorry for the spoilers.

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