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Naruto Chapter 602 Discussion!

The latest chapter is out and we’ve been given another piece of the story, not much of it but we’re grateful for anything these days.  In the discussion of chapter 599, I mentioned that one possible way of Obito surviving his accident, was that Madara had some sort of hidden underground lair, right beneath the forest.  I thought this was the most far-fetched scenario, yet, it’s what happened.  This raises a few questions.  What was Madara doing down there?  I find it hard to believe he was just existing, biding his time and hoping for an extremely unlikely incident like this to occur.  It doesn’t make sense.

How he’s keeping himself alive is another area for discussion, maybe the “chakra tree” he is feeding off is enough for him.  Maybe he survives off the animals in the forest, although in his condition, he’d need to have someone helping him.  So, the safest assumption is that he has someone else helping him, and he did have some sort of plan other than just waiting for Obito to drop on to his lap.  I’d speculate that the most likely individual to be helping him is Zetsu, since we know nothing about his origins, so far.

Obito 602 Naruto Manga Chapter

I had forgotten about Madara’s scythe or “Kama” for a moment but if you look back to the illustrations of when Madara used the Nine Tails against Hashirama Senju, you can see he has it along with his Uchiha fan, or “Gunbai”.  It’s unclear what power the Kama has but we know from the last chapter that the Gunbai can not only nullify attacks, but repel them as well.  It would be safe to assume the Kama is more of an attacking weapon.

Towards the end of this chapter, Madara tells that he “left his real eyes to someone else”.  We know that he burnt out his original eyes through overuse of the Mangekyou Sharingan, causing him to go blind.  He was then given eyes from his brother, Izuna, so I’d assume the “real” eyes he is talking about are Izuna’s.  Who he would be leaving them for, is unclear.  Perhaps he anticipated having a side-kick such as Obito and left them for him to use further down the line, as of yet Obito only has the standard Mangekyou and not the EMS.

Obito is obviously still very much tied to Konoha and his comrades, Kakashi and Rin at this point, it seems, so in the next few chapters we will probably witness Madara’s powers of persuasion.

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    Umm about madara’s real eyes , didnt obito said that madara gave his eyes to nagato?!

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