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Naruto Chapter 603 Discussion – Rehabilitation!

This week’s chapter is now out and shows us another glimpse into the secret underground life of Madara and Obito.  We are introduced to another strange character made from the Hashirama chakra tree thing (..whatever) and strangely he seems to have the same personality as our old friend Tobi did.  Towards the end of the chapter we see this “thing” merge his body with Obito to give him enough strength to go out and help Kakashi and Rin.  We could assume that this merge was maybe what gave Obito his stupid/playful personality in the Akatsuki days, or maybe it was just a facade he was putting on as was previously though.  Either that or the poor guy has split personality disorder.  Also, does this character give us a clue as to where black Zetsu came from?

It’s also worth noting the length of Obito’s hair in this chapter.  If you look back at the chapters that show “Madara” helping Itachi with the Massacre of the Uchiha Clan, whoever it is has long hair so it’s a possibility that it was Obito.

Obito Naruto Chapter 603 Manga

We get another description and reminder of Madara’s Eye of the Moon Plan from Zetsu and his friend, telling us that he plans to put everyone in the world under a “mass genjutsu”, his idea of peace.

With the knowledge that we now have of Obito‘s body being partially made of that..stuff, it raises a question of his ability to pass through objects.  Zetsu mentions it allows them to move through the Earth, but could this also just mean any solid object?  We’ve previously been led to believe that Obito passes through objects with the use of a time/space ninjutsu with the help of the olde Mangekyou Sharingan, but it makes more sense that he is able to do this because of his body composition.  Using the Sharingan that often for small things just seems impractical and probably very taxing on chakra reserves.

Predictions for chapter 604?  We’re obviously going to see Obito attempting, and failing to save Rin.  Well, apparently it was Kakashi who failed on this occasion, so Obito doesn’t make it in time.  For whatever reason, Obito doesn’t reveal himself either.  The next chapter is probably going to be the turning point for Obito in which we’ll see a swift turn in his attitude and goals in life – Rin‘s death obviously hit’s him pretty hard.  With his split personality, and now irrational anger at the world for Rin’s death, Obito is turning out to be one mentally unstable man – much like Sasuke.

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4 Responses to “Naruto Chapter 603 Discussion – Rehabilitation!”

  1. manny says:

    Maybe because Obito helped Rin died?

    • Pass~ says:

      Doubtful, Manny. If he helped, then Kakashi would probably know he was still alive in the recent chapters. Unless Obito helped without Kakashi knowing.

  2. Manny says:

    Wich is what i had in mind while writing, but didn’t wrote it down.

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